About the Chamber

Evermay Chamber is an ensemble of solo caliber artists from five continents, assembled by S&R Washington Award Grand Prize Winner Tamaki Kawakubo. This diverse group is comprised of nine talented performers, including multiple award-winners, who assemble in distinct configurations for different seasons and concerts. While Evermay is the Chamber's artistic home, it also performs at other venues.

In March 2014, S&R Foundation and The Washington Ballet announced a new creative multi-year partnership, featuring The Evermay Chamber, which will significantly increase its size and configuration to perform as The Evermay Chamber Orchestra. This collaboration commences with The Evermay Chamber Orchestra performing the musical score for The Washington Ballet’s new Swan Lake at The Kennedy Center in April 2015.
History is being made at The Washington Ballet, as this is the first time in the organization’s history that the Ballet will be staging a new production of Swan Lake. With original choreography by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov, the dramatic Swan Lake captures the core foundations of love, betrayal, forgiveness and redemption. In many ways, Swan Lake defines classical ballet, emphasizing clarity, harmony and insight into the human spirit. The Evermay Chamber Orchestra is excited to join The Washington Ballet as it adds its stamp of freshness and presentation to this masterwork.

Evermay Chamber is presented by S&R Foundation under the patronage of Dr. Ryuji Ueno. S&R is dedicated to supporting the Chamber music community - both artists and music lovers - by providing more opportunities for this genre to flourish.

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About S&R Foundation

S&R Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created in 2000 to support talented individuals with great potential and high aspirations in the arts, sciences and social entrepreneurship, especially those who are furthering international cultural collaboration. Contributions to S&R Foundation go directly to funding our mission. Overhead and general operational costs are covered by founders' contributions and use of existing assets.

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About Evermay

S&R Foundation’s headquarters are located at the historic Evermay Estate in the heart of Georgetown. Evermay is listed on the National Register of Historic places. Respectful of this extraordinary setting, S&R Foundation embraces its partnership with history.

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